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Quebec Fatherhood Week is the perfect opportunity for organizations, businesses, and fathers to hold activities or to challenge their families and friends in an effort to highlight the changing role of fathers in child rearing. This June, initiatives will be taking place throughout Quebec to celebrate fathers, to stress the importance of their role, and to give them and their families fun activities to do.

Submit an initiative

Here are examples of initiatives you can submit

1) Initiatives encouraging fathers to engage with their kids
  • Physical activities :
    Outdoor activities (fishing, canoeing, camping, ziplining, archery, hiking, climbing, etc.), sports (floor hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, martial arts, etc.), races and challenges (parent/child obstacle courses, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts :
    soap boxes, cardboard houses, craft rockets, sand castles, life-size foam weapons, etc.
  • Workshops :
    cooking, bike mechanics, photography, electrical circuit building, drawing, etc.
2) Initiatives celebrating fatherhood
  • Invite children and others to participate in a drawing, essay writing, poetry, photography, or testimonial contest on the importance of their own or someone else’s father.

  • Invite fathers to talk to kids about their jobs or about their lives as fathers.

  • Organize a family event, a cocktail party, or a barbecue for fathers, their families, and friends.

  • Produce short video or audio clips on fatherhood.

  • Honor or recognize involved fathers.

3) Initiatives to discuss or to inform people about fatherhood
  • Hold a conference, a meeting, a film screening, or an open-house day on the subject of fatherhood.

  • Offer prenatal classes specifically for fathers.

  • Publish material about fatherhood in traditional media, on social media, on a website, on a blog, etc.

  • Distribute material promoting the importance of fatherhood to families and other stakeholders.

  • Meet with college or university students to discuss specific father-related initiatives.