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Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité (RVP) is inviting Quebec dads to take part in the #proudtobeadad! challenge from now until Fathers Day, which will top off Quebec Paternity Week 2019. The challenge is aimed at encouraging dads to show how proud they are to be fathers and to flood the social media with selfies with their kids.

Since its founding 20 years ago, RVP has been educating the public and decision-makers about the importance of valuing and promoting the family and societal role of dads in child development and well-being. It’s also a question of equality between parents. “For some time now, we’ve noticed that fathers, especially the younger ones, have a stronger desire than ever to fully engage in their parenting experience, but that because of the still dominant social roles, they feel little encouragement to express it loud and clear,” says RVP director Raymond Villeneuve.

The #proudtobeadad challenge is aimed at changing that by turning the spotlight on dads and associating them with a very positive message of hope regarding their strongest feeling about being dads—pride.

“We believe that by seeing positive role models they can identify with, Quebec dads will feel more and more valued in their role, helping them to play it to the fullest,” adds Raymond Villeneuve. “The media have a responsibility in this regard, and we hope they’ll help this campaign have a real impact in breaking stereotypes about parental roles, for the greater benefit of children, mothers, fathers, and society as a whole.”


About Quebec Paternity Week 2019

Quebec Paternity Week 2019, aimed at promoting the essential role of dads, runs from June 10 to 16, 2019. In addition to the #proudtobeadad challenge, there will be around 100 fun activities across Quebec celebrating the commitment of dads to their kids. The 240 members of Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité from across Quebec will be taking part.

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About Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité (RVP)

RVP is a group of nearly 250 organizations and individuals from across Quebec who work to promote the role of fathers in child well-being in family settings as well as equality between men and women as parents. RVP’s goal is to ensure that family services and public policy in Quebec take paternal realities into account.


Source : Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité

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