There are all sorts of ways to celebrate dads during Quebec Fatherhood Week—on social media, with your friends, or by organizing an awareness campaign in your community. The tools below will help you spread the word.

How to take part in the campaign

There are lots of ways join together with Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité, our partners, and other people and organizations to promote fatherhood. Here are a few ideas for how to get involved in the campaign.

  1. Organize a fun and/or educational activity to celebrate dads and submit it to the list.
  2. Post campaign content on social media and your website (survey results, articles from the Observatoire des tout-petits fatherhood and public policy section, etc.). You can also reach out to the media in your area.
  3. Use the social media and Web visuals to promote the campaign among friends and family.
  4. Add the campaign Facebook profile frame to your profile picture.

Write to if you have any questions about how to take part in the campaign.

Visuals for social media

Use this Facebook cover for your Facebook profil.

Bigbox 300×250

You can use the images below for your social media posts. Specific formats are available for different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and devices (smartphone, laptop, etc.). In general, rectangular images (type A) are better for Facebook and Twitter, and square images (type B) are better for Instagram.

Visual 1.1 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 1.2 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 2.1 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 2.2 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 3.1 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 3.1 (Type A) – 1200×600

Visual 1.1 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 2.1 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 3.1 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 4.1 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 1.2 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 2.2 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 3.2 (Type B) – 1200×1200

Visual 4.2 (Type B) – 1200×1200

“Proud to be a Dad” emojis

Promote fatherly involvement by using as your Facebook profile picture the emoji that best represents you.