Online marketing tools

Promote fatherly involvement by putting the following ads on your Facebook profile, on your website, or on social media.

Bigbox 300×250
Leaderboard 728×90 (for websites)
Social media Facebook A 1200×628
Social media Facebook B 1200×628

Social media Facebook A 1200×1200

Social media Facebook B 1200×1200

Social media Facebook A 1200×1200

“Proud to be a Dad” emojis

Promote fatherly involvement by using as your Facebook profile picture the emoji that best represents you.

“Together, let’s keep dads involved!” poster (electronic version)

Click the images below to download the electronic versions.

“Together, let’s keep dads involved!” posters – Printed version

    Use the order form to order print posters. Print posters are mailed out free of charge. Enter the desired quantity beneath the desired poster. If you don’t want to receive a poster, leave the field at “0.”

    Promotional posters

    Package of 6 emojis stickers

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