How to participate in the “I’ll always be there for you” campaign


We offer you an assortment of tools to help you participate in the Semaine Québécoise de la Paternité. Below, you’ll find various tools for the web and social networks, as well as printable posters.

Posters for your organisation

Visuals for social media

Use this Facebook cover for your Facebook profil.

Facebook cover A – 851×315

Facebook cover C – 851×315

Facebook cover B – 851×315

You can use the images below for your social media posts. Specific formats are available for different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and devices (smartphone, laptop, etc.). In general, rectangular images are better for Facebook and Twitter, and square images are better for Instagram.

Visual 1 – 1500×1500

Visual 2 – 1500×1500

Visual 3 – 1500×1500

Social media visual – 1200×630

Social media visual – 1200×630

Social media visual – 1200×630

“Proud to be a Dad” emojis

Promote fatherly involvement by using as your Facebook profile picture the emoji that best represents you.