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Quebec Fatherhood Week, now in its ninth year, runs June 14–20, 2021, to remind us all that Every parent counts. Throughout the seven days, media, decision-makers, and the general public will be invited to think about public policies and services for families and how and where dads fit in. The initiative aims to support childhood development and the wellbeing of fathers by promoting equality between moms and dads. As the Laurent Report points out: All parents, moms and dads, need support that corresponds to their situation.


Quebec Fatherhood Week will be launched online this year on June 14 at 10 a.m. Jean-Marc Léger will be in attendance to present the results of a major survey conducted by Leger Marketing. The survey aims to offer a better understanding of the specificities of Quebec dads, their family involvement, and the impact of public policy and family services (1,000 dads from Quebec, 1,000 dads from the rest of Canada). Fannie Dagenais, executive director of Observatoire des tout petits, will also be on hand to launch a microsite on dads and public policy. And Raymond Villeneuve, RVP’s executive director, will outline what we can do to effect change and how government actions to support families can better account for the realities of dads. With this, RVP hopes that including dads will become a natural reflex for everyone.



The campaign will launch on Monday, June 14, and run until Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20. It will include a media operation for the duration of the week. Social media content will be posted from Tuesday to Saturday, with a new theme each day (parental leave, school–work–family balance, the perinatal period, adapted family services, and support for struggling dads). There will also be a social media operation to encourage partners and the general public to join the “Every parent counts” campaign. A big contest will be announced on social media on Sunday, June 20, and an opinion piece will be shared.