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The 10th edition of the Semaine Québécoise de la Paternité will be held this year under the theme: Hey Dad, do you need help? This simple question will kick off public discussion on the needs of Quebec fathers, their vulnerabilities, and the importance of asking for help. The results of an exclusive SOM survey of 2,000 fathers on their vulnerability will be released. Survey questions included psychological distress, suicidal ideation, resiliency, childhood abuse, the relationship with children, the relationship with spouses, co-parenting, the health crisis, the use of resources, and adjusting to fatherhood, among others. The new survey data will enable us to better understand the factors contributing to the vulnerability of fathers and to make the Quebec public aware of difficulties that fathers may face. Taking care of fathers benefits the fathers themselves, of course, but it also benefits their children, their spouses, and consequently society as a whole. It’s important to realize that… All parents need support sometimes.