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Known in Quebec for his roles in the web series “Fiston” and the TVA TV series “Papa,” Jonathan Roberge is putting on his proud dad hat once again as the official spokesdad for Quebec Fatherhood Week 2020, which runs from June 15 to 21.

It’s a natural fit for an actor and comedian known for playing dads and making jokes about being a dad. “Awhile back I read something by Bernard Werber that said, ‘Dad, in another life, I’d want you to be my dad again.’ That really hit home for me, because what could be greater than the love that extends beyond life itself?” said the new spokesdad.

On being a dad, Jonathan Roberge had this to say: “Being a dad is all about being a model, sharing the same mental load at home, changing the world, and especially, cleaning up Goldfish crackers in the car seat, changing diapers, and yelling: ‘I said, go to bed!!’ when your kids are being brats at bedtime. Our notion of equity keeps evolving, and fatherhood is always going to follow suit. It’s Fatherhood 2.0. That’s something we can all celebrate.”

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