Partners’ roles and contributions

RVP members and partners play a key role in promoting the Proud to be a Dad Campaign. Their job is to put the pride of Quebec dads on full display.

First and foremost, RVP members and partners will be counted on to help spread the campaign on social media in an effort to make it go viral and to inspire fathers across Quebec.

RVP members and partners will also be called upon to support the Proud to be a Dad Campaign by holding events in their communities, such as family activities, discussion groups or conferences on fatherhood, and promotional activities. These contributions will be key to establishing a strong presence in all regions of Quebec.

The campaign will cap off with a special Father’s Day event. In partnership with Arbraska, Flying High with Dad will be held at nine Quebec parks, giving almost a thousand fathers and children a great way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Submit an initiative

If you have any questions about initiatives or the registration form, please contact Christian Bélanger at 438-933-0545 or