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Due to the public health crisis, the media campaign for Quebec Fatherhood Week will be fully online! To celebrate and promote the role of fathers, you are invited to participate in two headline events (June 15 and 18, 2020) and to get busy on the Web and social media (see list below).


Monday, June 15: The results of a major SOM survey on coparenting conducted among 2,000 parents (1,000 fathers and 1,000 mothers) will be revealed on the Web. This survey not only addresses the experiences of both parents, but also what it’s like to coparent during the pandemic.

Wednesday, June 18: A number of well-known personalities will take part in a Facebook Live event, hosted by spokesperson Jonathan Roberge, to talk about fatherhood and co-parenting with humour and sensitivity.

Join us


The campaign will be promoted online, but in-person events will be held whenever the event partners are able to offer them. See the program for more information.

Here is a list of ways you can join in on the Web and social media:

And of course remember to be #ProudToBeADad! 😉