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Together Let's keep dads involved! June 15 to 21 Be proud! Whether you're a proud dad or proud of a dad, show it!

Together let’s keep dads involved!

Quebec Fatherhood Week will run from June 15 to 21 this year, June 21 being Father’s Day. The event is aimed at dads, moms, kids, the general public, and the organizations that support Quebec families. The goal is to recognize the value of having dads involved in the daily life of the family and foster greater equality between moms and dads.

The theme for 2020 is: Together, let’s keep dads involved. The theme was chosen to galvanize dads and moms, as well as their family, friends, community, network of services, and public institutions, so that dads are better recognized for their involvement in family life and better supported in that role. The theme this year is a call for solidarity and for the inclusion of all dads, regardless of their family or personal situations.

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